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Although Chiropractic is extremely effective for the relief of low back pain, that is not its main goal. The primary goal of Chiropractic is for the body to function better! The first Chiropractic patient didn’t have pain; he had full restoration of his hearing after 17 years of deafness.

Chiropractors locate and correct spinal subluxations. Spinal subluxations are when a vertebra is misaligned with the vertebra above, below, or both. These misalignments must also include decreased nerve impulses to be a true spinal subluxation. This decrease in nerve impulse causes the body to function at less than full potential and many times cause pain.

Low back pain is very common. Some studies show that approximately 85% of the population will experience severe low back pain at least once during their lives. This costs the US billions of dollars a year!

In addition to the pain and discomfort of low back pain there is also a significant amount of malfunction that takes place. The same nerve fibers that carry pain sensation also control body functions. Restoring the nerve flow not only makes the pain leave, it makes your body work better.

The medical approach is to start with anti-inflammatory medicines and pain relievers. These are great for relieving the symptoms but do little to correct the cause of the problem. Symptomatic relief can be a wonderful thing, especially when you are in the throes of pain, but it can make the problem worse. If you have an injury the pain is to restrict your use of the affected area. Take pain relievers and anti-inflammatories and first you inhibit the body’s ability to heal because the increased blood flow causing the swelling is to bring healing properties to the area. The pain relievers make you forget there’s a problem and then you go out and run a marathon, dig a ditch or chop a cord of wood, irritating the injury and making it worse.

This is not to say medical methods are never warranted. If you have a compression fracture in your lumbar spine causing the pain, you don’t want a Chiropractor adjusting you. Likewise, if you have a ruptured disc with the disc particles inside the spinal canal, again you don’t want a Chiropractor adjusting you. If you have a tumor in your spine compressing on your spinal cord or nerve root, you will probably end up in a neurosurgeon’s office. Although surgery is sometimes necessary, it is too often used as a first resort instead of a last resort like it should be.

Numerous government studies from the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand have shown that Chiropractic gets people back up and running in less time and for less money. You owe it to yourself to try chiropractic!


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