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Diet, Exercise and Chiropractic: The Keys To A Healthier Life

Next time your car runs low on fuel, fill it with water. It’s much less expensive and your tank will still be full. Of course it won’t run, but the tank will be full. I’m sure you know not to do this, but in a sense it is what we do when we put junk food in our bodies. For your body to function well, you need good quality, highly nutritious, energy producing food!

Our bodies are also “use it or lose it” machines. If we don’t exercise, our muscles atrophy, or waste away. When we exercise, our muscles function more efficiently and burn the calories we consume more fully. They also burn more calories helping to keep our bodies at a desirable weight.

Chiropractic removes nerve interference causing the body to function more fully. Many elite athletes receive regular chiropractic adjustments as part of their training because it makes them function at a higher level. The managing director of Sports Medicine for The United States Olympic Committee is a Chiropractor that I am proud to say graduated from my chiropractic college.

So for a healthier life tap into these three keys.

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