Doctor's Education
Fox Chiropractic, Charleston, SC

How educated is the Doctor of Chiropractic?

Today, the formal training to become a Doctor of Chiropractic is virtually the same as all health care professionals, starting with an undergraduate education in basic sciences. An additional four years of post-graduate training is required from a recognized Chiropractic college. While Chiropractic Doctors receive about the same number of classroom hours as Medical practitioners (about 4,500 hours), the curriculum varies based on the fact that Chiropractic Doctors choose not to prescribe drugs or perform surgery. Therefore, instead of instruction in surgical procedures, Chiropractic students receive special emphasis on anatomy, physiology, X-ray, and spinal adjusting techniques.

After successfully completing the course of study, and finishing an internship at the college clinic with actual patients, the student graduates with a Doctoral Degree in Chiropractic. THAT'S JUST THE START! Demanding National Board Examinations must be passed, and then each state administers its own examination for licensing purposes.

A Chiropractic Doctor's education is an ongoing process. In addition to the clinical experience gained working with patients each day, every year, like other types of doctors, Chiropractic Doctors must complete post-graduate study for re-licensure. These requirements combined with seminars, scientific symposia, and extensive reading of professional journals, keeps today's Doctor of Chiropractic in touch with the latest of developments in the health care profession.